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Central Ajax Advertising Board Opportunity

Central Ajax Advertising Board Opportunity

Colin Corby23 Nov 2023 - 11:35
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#CAFC Advertising opportunity

Central Ajax are excited to present local business partners with a unique opportunity to
boost business visibility, reaching thousands of potential customers through an exclusive
advertising partnership with our football club.

Why Advertise with Central Ajax?

Extensive Exposure: Central Ajax attracts around 2,000 visitors per month, including
players, spectators, and their families. Placing your advertising board strategically either
pitch side, along our main drive, or around our clubhouse ensures that your brand gets
unparalleled exposure to a diverse and engaged audience.

Cost-Effective Advertising: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in your
marketing strategy. For just £500, your business can have a professionally produced
standard design advertising board in place for two years. The production cost is included,
making it a hassle-free and budget-friendly investment for your brand.

High-Quality Material: Your advertising board will be crafted from the finest
materials—1200mm in length x 600mm in height, printed on high-quality Dibond material
with a gloss lamination, ensuring a durable and visually appealing finish that stands out to
everyone passing by.

Prime Locations: Strategic placement options offer prime visibility. Whether it's pitch side,
along the main drive, or around the clubhouse, your brand will be in a position to capture
the attention of all vehicles, spectators, and players accessing the pitches. This prime real
estate ensures that your message is seen by a captive and enthusiastic audience.

Draw for Clubhouse Naming Rights: As an added incentive for businesses committing by
December 31st, 2023, we're offering a unique opportunity. All participating businesses will
be entered into a draw, and the lucky winner will have the honour of having our clubhouse
named after their business in addition to the advertising board.

Sponsorship Options for Every Budget: We understand that not every business has the
same marketing budget. Thats why we offer a lower-cost option for smaller businesses
looking to gain exposure. For just £250, you can sponsor one of our 9 football pitches,
gaining naming rights for an entire year. This provides an affordable yet impactful way to
associate your brand with the excitement of football.

Local Community Engagement: Football clubs are at the heart of local communities, and
Central Ajax is no exception. By aligning your business with our club, you're not just
advertising; you're actively participating in community engagement. This fosters a positive
image for your brand among local residents.

Targeted Audience: Football attracts a diverse audience, from young enthusiasts to families
and sports fans. Your brand will have the opportunity to connect with a broad and varied
demographic, increasing the likelihood of reaching potential customers.

Repeat Exposure: With around 2,000 visitors per month, your advertising board will be seen
repeatedly by a large and diverse audience. This consistent exposure reinforces your brand
message and increases brand recall among potential customers.

Return on Investment (ROI): Advertising at Central Ajax is a low-cost solution with a high
potential for return on investment. Compared to traditional advertising channels, our
packages offer an affordable way to reach thousands of potential customers, maximizing the
impact of your marketing budget.

Community Recognition: Your support for Central Ajax positions your business as a
community-minded entity. This positive association can lead to increased brand loyalty and
support from local customers who appreciate businesses that actively contribute to the

Advertising with Central Ajax is a smart investment for your business. With prime locations,
high-quality materials, and a diverse and engaged audience, your brand will enjoy
unparalleled exposure at an affordable price. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost
your business visibility and community engagement.
To secure your advertising space or inquire further, please contact us at:

Thank you for considering Central Ajax as your advertising partner. We look forward to
welcoming your business into our community.

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